Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girl About Town // Maria in Dunedin

I'm so excited to introduce this new little feature series for my blog! As I've mentioned before, the Rugby World Cup is in full swing here in New Zealand and there is currently an influx of rugby-mad supporters travelling around the country in campervans and flag-covered cars. So why not introduce my lovely readers to some of the awesome cities around our little country? Sounds good!!

First up is Maria from Pepper Dee telling us about Dunedin (my home town!!) and some of her favourite places. 

 Can you see the stadium?

Hi! I’m Maria from over at “PepperDee” I was so excited to do this guest post because I love my city and there are so many places in it that are wonderful to visit. Plus I was flattered, because I’m sure Kasey knows Dunedin just as well as I do!

My favourite cafe in Dunedin

It wasn’t difficult to choose which cafe in Dunedin is my absolute favourite. Only a month ago a new cafe and dessert bar opened up on George st, in the central of the main shopping area, right opposite the Meridian mall. It’s called Angus, and has the best food you can possibly imagine! Think anything from burgers and fries to pasta and salad, cheesecakes and gateaux, coffee or alcohol, all for an affordable price.
baileys triple chocolate gateaux, bacon panini, $7 each

It’s a big place, but it’s always packed and has seating from couches, to booths, to regular dining. Their interior decorator is an absolute genius, so if you don’t visit for the food, at least visit to check out the lighting! You can find locations and info here. They also have a bar and restaurant around the corner for evening dining. One of the barmen is famous for making up unique cocktails on request, and they flick around the glasses and bottles to keep people entertained - even though sometimes they drop and smash them!

My favourite shop in Dunedin

It was difficult to decide which shops in Dunedin were my favourite because to be honest, most fashion stores are franchises which are available in any other main city in New Zealand. There is a unique little boutique called modern miss which is also in the middle of town. 

 I love this window display!

They sell beautiful vintage clothing which is a little pricey, but beautiful quality. I’ve been going there to look for a unique and vintage wedding dress that suits me (so far no luck) but if you love vintage pieces, this is definitely the place to go. At the very least, it’s fun for a browse!

And I wish my shoe closet resembled this! I sourced these photos from the Modern Miss facebook page

My favourite place in Dunedin

My favourite place in Dunedin is the peninsula. It's more like a scenic drive than a 'place' but you can spend the day driving along Highcliff Road and then back along the winding road around the harbour, visiting beaches, the albatross colony, old bunkers from the war, and New Zealand's only castle. I honestly believe it is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

via google maps

 What you might see:

The first photograph in this post is taken on the peninsula, so you can see how close it is to town!

Well, that’s it! I hope I’ve inspired you to come and visit us down south. I had heaps of fun putting this post together - now I can’t wait to read about other places in NZ!

Thanks so much Maria!! I can agree that the cake from Angus Cafe is AMAZING and as I was bought up in Portobello on the peninsula it holds a special place in my heart too.
Check back later for more posts from some blogger friends in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, plus I'll post some of my favourite places I have found in Invercargill so far!


  1. Yah! Such a great idea and so loved seeing all of those beautiful pics of Dunedin. Its one of my fav places in NZ, I have only been able to visit a couple of times but I hope I can return soon.

  2. Awesome! I love to visit NZ one day and these posts will be so helpful!

  3. i'm excited about the rugby cup too!

  4. is the cake blog yours too? the cakes are AMAZING!

  5. Fabulous photos and thanks for introducing PepperD. I am planning a trip to Angus Desserts after reading this!

  6. Hi! I'm from Ireland and visiting South Island this Winter. I'll be heading straight to that cafe!


    1. Hi! :) You should def check it out. Their cake is pretty tasty!! :)