Saturday, September 24, 2011

Girl About Town // Sarah in Christchurch

Today's 'Girl About Town' post is from the lovely Sarah in Christchurch. She definitely has the hardest city to talk about, but she's done a great job! Off you go Sarah!

Hey everyone My names Sarah I post some pictures and talk some crap over here   come check me out! I grew up at the bottom of New Zealand in Invercargill where Kasey happens to now live. After nearly 20 years I had to leave before I went insane and moved myself to the biggest City in the South Island – Christchurch where I have lived for the last 6 years. As you have probably heard (unless you live under a rock!) Christchurch has suffered 2 devastating earthquakes and thousand of aftershocks. Kasey has asked me to show you some of my favourite places in my city and I jumped at the chance for a challenge – the earthquake has destroyed our central city, a lot of my favourite restaurants and shopping places are now rubble so I had to make the most of what we still have here!

Its hard to pick just one or two favourite places but one place I love to go to is The Flying Burrito Brothers for dinner:

Their Quesadilla's are to die for and you must have a frozen Margarita! Check them out  here
They were in the central city but have thankfully relocated to Papanui right by Northlands Mall.

James (the bf) and I went to a lovely Thai restaurant in the CBD which unfortunately has been bowled, but the second best Thai Ive had was at the Thai Rendezvous on Barrington Street – so many yummy choices! My fav is anything with cashews in it <3

Shopping in Christchurch has also changed after the earthquake, the city centre was a great shopping area with a vast variety of shops, some shops are now operating in the suburbs or even from peoples homes, but I find it easier now to just go to a mall where you have everything. I live about a block away from Riccarton  Mall so I accidentally frequent it a lot. Riccarton is quite a big suburb with everything you need from supermarkets to the mall to plenty of restaurants and bars also. I'm a bit boring with my shopping sorry, If I want to get a bargain or a vintage item I just hope on good ol trademe !

I like to get out and about when I can– especially now that the weather is beginning to warm up. A few of my favourite spots to go are:

Hagley Park. A massive park in the centre of Christchurch that's great for getting some fresh air. You can walk around one of the tracks, play netball at the courts, or other sports on one of the fields or wander a bit further and you will end up at the Botanical Gardens. Luckily for us we are a short walk away from the park.

Being into cars we often like to cruise out to Sumner and park up and sit on the grass and catch up with mates. Its great for a lazy Sunday. There also happens to be a beach and the sea right there which is always nice on a hot day, a massive rock to climb and a few shops and cafes.

Lastly James and I were bored one weekend so went for a drive out of town and ended up at Leithfield a short drive out of Christchurch. Again there is a lovely beach right there that we went for a walk on and we then headed to the pub for a yummy lunch. We played some pool and ate our lunch outside in the sun. Cant wait to go again soon! 

Well that's about it folks, hope you have enjoyed getting to know me and my fair city. I hope to see you around. Thanks again Kasey for the invite!

Sarah x

Thanks Sarah!! Hope you've enjoyed reading about what Christchurch has to offer. Don't forget to check out Maria's post about Dunedin too!! 


  1. Great post! I have always wanted to visit Sumner. Also om nom nom Fbb we have one in Wellington too. Amazing food:)

  2. Fun travel post, informative and makes me want to visit and eat--cute outfit too =)