Friday, September 16, 2011

Outfit Post // Rebel Pink

 Thrifted Pink + Leather Jersey - Savemart Invercargill, Sheer Black Dress - Glassons,  
Black Fleece Lined Tights - Won from NZgirl and Razzamatazz,  
Black Boots - The Warehouse, Silver Unicorn Earrings - The Warehouse,  
Cupcake Ring - Etsy

I had intended to go buy office products yesterday. In particular a white memo cube, which was hard to find. After talking to a friend about where I could find one, I headed to the local Office Max store. Wouldn't you know, to my surprise, across the road was a Savemart!

For those that don't know, Savemart is kind of an up-scale op-shop. Usually I steer clear as I find the prices to be too high for the clothing on offer, but I'm glad I took a look as I found this cool jersey for $8!

It has a label "made in Christchurch" in the inside and with it's leather panels and shoulder pads it's definitely a statement piece. Lately I've been finding myself torn between dressing like a rock-band-groupie and wearing frills and lace, I kinda like that this is bright pink but with a dark side!! Oh yes, also, it has been raining ALL WEEK!! That's Spring in NZ for ya I suppose!

I'm gradually finding my way around Invercargill. Today I ventured to Spotlight and was pleased to find it's much better stocked and has a cleaner layout than the Dunedin Store! I have a few more op-shops to visit and I've driven past some other ones that I'll have to go find again. I'm going back up to Dunedin this weekend for my sisters baby shower, I've got a bunch of cupcakes to make and a sea creature mobile to finish!!

What do you think of the jersey? What awesome finds have you found lately? What have you got planned for the weekend?


  1. This jersey is AMAZING!! I love it and a good price too. I am glad to hear you are settling into life in Invercargill - I would really love to take a trip down there but its quite pricey to get there. Perhaps one day I'll be able to snap up a grab-a-seat deal :D

  2. Thanks guys!! :) it was a great find :) invers isn't a bad place, hopefully in summer Bluff will be nice to visit - I've only been there when it's foggy and raining! :(


  3. Great colour of the sweater :) Your brave to take pics in the rain! I dint know Invercargill had a savemart....I havent been there for like 4 years though lol Oh and speaking of awesome finds I totally got a package from Trademe today - a cardy, 2 skirts and a jersey plus postage all for $31!! Hope they fit! x

  4. I looove your sweater! such a cute color and the shoulders are awesome.