Friday, September 23, 2011

Thrifty Friday // Silver Shoes

 Silver Heels - Tay St Salvation Army Store - $4

I found these little gems at the Salvation Army Store on Tay St, Invercargill the other week. It was my first trip there and I managed to pick up about 6 items for $10! Gotta love days like that.

These were only $4 and they look like they might have been worn once or twice, not bad! Now I've just got to get used to walking in heels like these...

I'm so glad it's the weekend tomorrow!! Hopefully my parents are coming down to Invercargill on Saturday so my Dad can check out the house the bf and I have made an offer on (he used to be a builder - very handy!) If he thinks it's all fine, it's all go! I hope so, because I've spent the last week trying to get my money out of my Kiwisaver account and getting the $3,000 from Housing New Zealand - if you are buying your first house you should definitely look into these, they are basically covering the deposit for us!

What thrifty finds have you found lately? Should I include more than one find in this post? I have a whole collection of things I need to photograph!


  1. So beautiful - you need an occasion to wear these! House-warming perhaps:)

  2. You're already buying a house? :O Good luck! :D

  3. ooo first house! i hope it all goes well for you!

  4. Hey yeah, include all your thrift finds! Love to see what other gems u found!