Monday, September 26, 2011

Cake Day Monday // A Cakey Business

 Photo borrowed from here

Ah, the gateau - the beginning of my cake decorating journey! As a shy 17 year old working at a supermarket part-time during my first year of study, I was offered the opportunity to take up a position as a Shop Assistant at a French Bakery in Dunedin. 

As it was my first foray into the hospitality industry I was completely useless for a start, but after a while I figured it out and began to really enjoy it! I progressed from Shop Assistant, to Saturday Manager and Assistant Cake Decorator, churning out gateau's as fast as I could go on the weekends. I loved that job so much, but after the business changed hands the original staff were pushed out of their positions by the new owners so it was time to leave.

I mention all this as I am considering furthering my own little cake decorating adventure. There are monthly markets down here in Invercargill I'm thinking about signing up for, where I can sell cupcakes and have brochures and information on my cake decorating. I thought I could make some cake toppers and gumpaste flowers to have on my table as examples of what I can make as well.

What do you think? Do you have any advice for me? I've never sold anything at a market before, so what preparation should I do? Any thoughts on advertising, promotion, products to sell??


  1. I have no idea about markets etc sorry but I say go for it!! x

  2. That's such a great idea! If I was anywhere near you i'd totally come and support you by buying one! :D

  3. that's an awesome idea! im sure big laura would give you some ideas from when she used to have her jewellery stall :)
    something that has started coming out here recently are 'cake pops' - they're kinda like a lollypop but with a ball of cake on the top, see:
    i'm sure you could make some cute ones!

  4. Go for it!! I have sold my crafts before - advice I have is:

    1) Take a friend with you - it can get lonely (plus you need to go to the toilet sometime!)

    2) Have a pretty table cloth and decorate the table if you can

    3) SMILE! :D

    I am sure you will do great - take loads of photos!

  5. I have no advice except go for it.
    And do as much homework as you can.

    If you have a dream, follow it.

    beks xx

  6. Thanks Sarah, Carrie, beks and Jen!! :) Laura - I'm investigating cake pops right now! They're really easy think I might have to give it a go :) i was thinking of asking big laura too :) trees - thanks for the tips! True, I will need someone to mind the stall at times, maybe someone in my cake decorating club will help :) Plus yes to gelato at the waterfront!

    I'm gonna try do one before Christmas, otherwise early next year. Plenty of time to plan!


  7. Inquire about their requirements first! A friend of mine wanted to do the exact same thing but then found out that to have a stall at the farmers market, you need to have a kitchen that is certified as professional or industrial or some such thing because you are officially selling a food product to the general public.

  8. Yes Maria I've heard of that before too! :( it's so annoying, I think if you have completed the required standards then you should be all good to go but some places are really strict :p I hope that doesn't apply!!


  9. I know nothing about making cakes and marketing, but this sounds exciting! hmmm, maybe u can take photos of your cakes too and have an online catalogue? You can do it!

    Fang Ting

  10. oh you should definitely do it! i say just follow your heart and take a risk ad go for it.
    i'd love it if you would do a guest recipe post with pics for my blog tea party? would you be interested?