Saturday, September 3, 2011

Outfit Post // Floral Winds

 Long Black Cardigan - Kmart, Floral Shirt - Mosgiel Salvation Army, Black Skirt - Kmart,  
Purple Tights - Farmers, Black Boots - The Warehouse, 
 White Rose Earrings - The Warehouse

I always thought I couldn't do florals - until I found this shirt! It's sheer, light and peppered with purple, pink and green flowers. 

I have been in Dunedin all this week and I did a terrible job of packing! I managed to forget to bring any cardigans, forgot my slippers and only bought 1 skirt. Luckily I managed to pick up both the skirt and cardigan I'm wearing pretty cheap so I was able to mix up my outfits a bit.

Dunedin has been having Wellington-strength winds for the last couple of days which makes an interesting change! And challenging taking-photos-in-the-wind-wearing-a-skirt-moments!!

I hope everyone is having a fun weekend, I've been busy planning my sisters baby shower which has been exciting!


  1. haha, I hate it too when there is a lot of wind when I try to take pictures :p

  2. the blouse is so pretty, it has a lovely colour combination

  3. Thank you! I actually have picasa on my computer so I might play around with it and see what I can come up with. I went to the op-shop today as well and got 6 items for 6 dollars! I was so happy. They own shop on taeri as well and seem to have the best clothes and deals, as you know! :)

  4. This is such an adorable outfit!! I'm loving the florals on you. I never thought that I could do them either, haha, ironically, now I wear them SO much! And your purple tights look gorgeous with this outfit. Happy weekend. ♥ veronika

  5. Aw thanks for the comments guys!! :) I'm so happy with that find!


  6. You look lovely and the tights make the whole outfit pop. I am horrible at packing I always bring too much or too little! I would love to do a guest post just let me know the deets:)

  7. Very cute, I love the color of your tights!