Friday, September 30, 2011

Thrifty Friday // Scarves and Belts

Brown Leopard Print - Shop on Carrol, Blue - Salavtion Army Tay St,  
Olive Green - Salvation Army Tay St, Red - Salvation Army Tay St,  
Purple Italian Buildings - Shop on Taieri

 Brown leather w. Silver - Shop on Taieri, Navy Blue Skinny - Opshop St Andrew St,  
White Belt - Savemart, Dunedin, Navy and Gold Clasp Belt - Salvation Army Mosgiel,  
Dove Grey Belt - Salvation Army Tay St, Red Skinny - Opshop St Andrew St,  
Brown Leather Girl Guides - Shop on Taieri

Here's a little sneak peak at 2 of my collections that seem to be growing a lot lately - scarves and belts!!

I actually picked up 3 of the scarves the other day from the Salvation Army Store on Tay St, I seem to be finding a lot of bargains there! l Iove how they all have so many different colours in them so they'll go with lots of different outfits!

I usually wear my scarves around my neck, but I think I might try some in my hair for a change. I'll see how it goes! 

I'm so happy its Friday, the sun is shining and its nice and warm for a change. Think I'll make the most of it on my lunch break!!

What awesome things have you bought lately??



  1. Lovely scarfs! I have a few but im just so retarded I really dont know how to wear them lol

  2. Hey, great finds you have there! How about some outfit posts with your lovely scarfs? Oh, I thrifted a great leather jacket just last week.

    Fang Ting

  3. I love the idea of wearing scarves in your hair! I always think it looks super cool when I see others doing it but I'm a little scared to do it myself! I haven't bought any clothes recently, sad times, but I'm a poor student again! but I did buy a super cool spice rack on ebay that I'm going to turn into a sprinkles rack to hang on the wall with all my cupcake decorations! I'm sorry you can't get Mint Oreos but that's awesome about the peanut M&M's, even the international shops here selling U.S food don't seem to have them so lucky you!!

  4. Yah! I love these collections - I ALWAYS Need more belts.

  5. I'd love a bright blue one like that, beautiful scarves! I always want to buy more but something always stops me, and I always forget to wear them. Belts on the other hand... can't even walk past that section anymore ; )